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Imminence Records was founded in September of 2012 by Amanda Caixeta. After two quick releases- including the breakout EP from Sirens- the label didn’t see a new release for six months. After a third release in the spring of 2013, the label’s ownership changed hands to the label’s then A&R representative and publicist, Ryan Williford. Under Williford’s direction, Imminence Records oversaw the release of Clap For Caroline’s Forbidden EP, marking a stark turn in the label’s short history. Williford began to shift and reshape the label’s roster to his own voice and vision- a vision that can proudly be proclaimed as its namesake- “imminent-” which included consistent releases from a diverse set of bands. This steadfast commitment enabled the label to rapidly expand and sign acts such as Backslashes, Embracer, One Morning Left, and The Prestige (FR) over the next 3 years.

During these years, Imminence Records quickly became known for releasing quality music from developing bands. Featuring a roster that ranged from more well-known artists, such as Curses, Dreaming Awake, and The Apprehended to bands starting to gain a foothold, like Cloak & Dagger, Convulsions, and The Major Minor. In early 2017, the label created Imminence Management Group and brought on Brighter Than A Thousand Suns as the first artist on the new offshoot before creating Imminence Publicity Group during the summer. All of this, while fronted by a small, but passionate, three-person staff that has over two decades of combined experience with an average age of 24. Sporting a team full of young professionals and a burgeoning brand that only grows stronger, Imminence Records’ future is only looking brighter.